Mystery Photo

What do you think this is?

Need some clues?

☼ The insides become something you can eat. The sweet taste is unforgettable

☼ It can be good for you – if you don’t eat too much

☼ They say ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ but this does, and it was once used as money

☼ Children work hard to harvest it in hot, rainy climates, but many of them never get to eat it

Any guesses?

This pinkish pod is the fruit of the cacao tree. The seeds inside are dried to become cocoa beans….and they are processed to become chocolate. It’s one of the world’s favorite flavors, and it has been around for 3,000 years.

Want to learn more? You can read about cacao, and other fascinating plants soon in my new book, 10 Plants That Shook the World (Annick Press).

Watch for it early in 2013.



One response to “Mystery Photo

  1. I had no guesses, but am intrigued by the answer. I am looking forward to learning a lot of new things from your book.

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