Peculiar Potato

DSC_0382 What do you think of this whopper of a spud? I grew it in my garden this summer. When you dig them up, of course, you never know how many you’ll get from a plant, or how big they might be. I got a variety of little ones and normal sized ones and then….wow, this beast weighted in at almost a kilogram. An unexpected prize from the garden!DSC_0379

One chapter in my book, 10 Plants That Shook the World (Annick Press, 2013) tells how potatoes became such an important food after the Spanish took them from Peru to Europe in the 1500s. They became so popular that millions of people in Ireland starved during the 1800s when blight killed several years of potato crops.

This weird potato might not win any awards, but my book has won a few prizes.

  • 2013 de Bary Children’s Science Book Award for older children
  • 2013 Silver Award from the California Reading Association
  • 2014 Green Book Festival award in the Children’s Book category
  • a starred selection in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books for Kids and Teens



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