♫♫♫ Oh Christmas tree…. ♫♫♫♫

Merry Christmas from Canada!

Merry Christmas from Canada!

Nature decorated the blue spruce in the back garden with this red maple leaf. My indoor tree is trimmed with many collectibles. All of them have stories, of course.

Santa on skis dates back 41 years; a honeymoon purchase near Boston, MA.



Owl enjoying a book is a perfect symbol for me….reader and birder.



Pukeko  is a member of the rail family, and indigenous to New Zealand. It was one of the first ‘new’ birds I spotted on our trip there in 2009, wandering around a park in Auckland. Later, we were greeted by one – the mascot — at an RV Holiday Park.

Pukeko...aka purple swamp hen

Pukeko…aka purple swamp hen

Snowman and tree, and the red ball with silver tree silhouettes were bought in Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, MI. It’s billed as the world’s largest Christmas store at 27 acres filled to overflowing with dazzling ornaments and all things ‘holiday’ from all over the world. How did I manage to limit my choices to only two items? This place is definitely worth a return visit.

DSC_0481 DSC_0479










Good neighbors in Saskatchewan gave us hand-painted balls showing a grain elevator and barn.  Neat what you can do with a bit of wheat, too. These ornaments help us recall our prairie years each time we hang them on the tree








Life is made of memories….. and each of us has a unique collection.


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