New book nearing completion…

My new book, 10 Ships That Rocked the World, is in the design stage at Annick Press. It’s always exciting to see the layout of the text I’ve written together with the illustrative material – in this case, some great photographs — chosen by the publisher along with illustrations by Kim Rosen, who worked on other books in this series (World of Tens). After many months of work, it’s finally looking like a book! No cover image available yet.

A guessing game! Instead of telling you which 10 ships are included, I’ll plant some clues in upcoming blogs to help you try to figure them out. So…….I toured the Maritime Museum in San Diego recently, and two of the exhibits were submarines. The Dolphin is a 1968 US sub that achieved several ‘firsts’: an operating depth record, the deepest launch of a torpedo and the first undersea email transmissions.


B-39 is a Cold War era Soviet sub. It was hard to imagine how a crew of 78 was able to work within its tight space.







Torpedo tubes

Torpedo tubes








The ‘submarine’ in my book was the great-great grandfather of both these vessels. It is remembered for a tragic ‘first’,  but is mainly important for inspiring this new class of ship. Any guesses?

Sure glad the doors in my house aren't round.

Sure glad the doors in my house aren’t round.


2 responses to “New book nearing completion…

  1. Looking forward to reading this book!

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