Fine Feathers


Ruffed grouse in hawthorn

Ruffed grouse in hawthorn

I’ve written about this ruffed grouse before, but now I’m able to get decent photos with a zoom lens. Directly outside my kitchen window, the grouse posed gracefully in a hawthorn tree. I think it was after the berries, or small buds. Even through the window (not yet cleaned for spring), its markings show up well. This bird, and a mate, have hung around all winter, usually coming to the garden in late afternoon.












Here’s a pine siskin. It’s a finch with yellow wing and tail markings that travels in large flocks. Earlier in the winter, it came to my feeder with common redpolls, another member of the finch family with rosy coloring on the head and breast. Right now, only the siskins remain. They are greedy, emptying the feeder each day by scattering seeds everywhere. I’m sure to have some sunflowers in the garden this summer.




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