A New Book!


10 Routes that Crossed the World

People have always blazed trails across the land. They’ve followed them in search of power, riches, adventure, or simply a better life. In this fourth book in the World of Tens series, you’ll read about ten routes that cross countries and continents, and span time from 20,000 years ago all the way to the 20th century: the Bering Land Bridge, Roman roads in Britain, Camino de Santiago, Inca Trail, Khyber Pass, Trans-Siberian Railroad, Chilkoot Trail, Serengeti Migration Trail, Route 66 and Ho Chi Minh Trail.

As I wrote this book, I found it fascinating to learn the history of these trails, and discover the people and events that made them memorable. The research enabled me to relive people’s experiences from long ago, try to imagine what they saw, and trace the effects of their decisions and actions. Their footprints left the stories for the curious to discover. You’ll soon be able to read them in 10 Routes That Crossed the World, to be released in April.

2 responses to “A New Book!

  1. Congratulations on finishing yet another book! Proud to have had you as my mentor!

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