A book signing…

10 Routes that Crossed the World is in the bookstores! This past Saturday, I welcomed friends and book lovers to Bookingham Palace Bookstore in the Mall at Piccadilly, in Salmon Arm. Thanks to those who stopped by—including Sarah, Mary, Vern and Barb, Diane, Josephine, Barb, Lana and Sienna, and my ‘official’ photographer, Judith. Hope you all enjoy reading about the history of those worldwide trails.

Photo by J. Benson

2 responses to “A book signing…

  1. Ms Richardson – I am a geographer http://www.josephkerski.com and love your books. Creating a story map (http://storymaps.arcgis.com) for a few of them would be a great way to invite people to explore your topics. Hope to meet you someday!

    • Dr.Kerski, I appreciate your interest in my books. If I could have pursued geography beyond 10th grade (not available back then), I might have made quite a different career choice. Writing is my compensation, and my way to keep learning. Story maps…interesting, and something new to explore. Thanks for the idea!

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