Ending the year on a rare note…

Big excitement around here after the annual Christmas Bird Count on December 16! One of the groups doing the Count around Salmon Arm (not mine, too bad) had the good fortune to make an extremely rare sighting: a fieldfare. This thrush is found in Europe, Asia and North Africa, although it may winter in Iceland. But to find it in the BC Interior is almost unheard of—in fact this is only the second ever sighting in the entire province. Speculation is that it arrived from Russia via Alaska, perhaps travelling with the robins that it has chosen to hang out with.


Here’s my best shot, only good enough for evidence that I really saw the bird. Now I can rightfully add it to my personal Life List as #501.


To see an amazing photo, go here: http://bcbirdalert.blogspot.com/ 

To date, the fieldfare has been in the same location for 2 weeks. Once the word got out in a local newspaper report and a posting on the BC Rare Bird Alert along with stunning photos by a Shuswap Naturalist Club member, keen observers have arrived outside the rural home. The garden is bordered by mountain ash trees which, like they are everywhere around here this winter, were weighed down with berries. The hefty crop that has attracted robins and waxwings is making for an easy-to-access banquet for the birds.

American Robin

Happy New Year and many birds for your list!


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