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10 Routes That Crossed the World. Annick 2017

978-1-55451-876-0 hc, 978-1-55451-875-3 pb

10 grandes rutas del mundo.Ediciones Siruela, 2018


Vivid storytelling brings to life famous roads, trails, and pathways that have played a significant role in human history. The Bering Strait, the Camino de Santiago, the Inca Trail, Chilkoot Trail, and the Serengeti migration trail, along with 5 other routes link past and present across the globe


Intriguing.” – School Library Journal

10 Routes that Changed the World informs and also instils more wonder (and sometimes sorrow) at the world around us, and is indeed, as Richardson’s dedication hopes it would be, a book for those who blaze trails, and for the curious who follow them.” – CM Reviews

More than a book of facts, it also inspires wonder at human ingenuity.” – Canadian Children’s Books News

A mostly satisfying mix of history and geography for the curious armchair traveler” – Kirkus Reviews

10 Ships That Rocked the World Annick, 2015

978-1-55451-782-4 hc, 978-1-55451-781-7 pb

Ships have sailed through human history for thousands of years. Their dramatic voyages have brought cultures together in peace or conflict, played a role in wars and revolutions, transformed societies, and they have even changed the course of the world. Discover the crucial role ships played in some of history’s most significant dramas.

Golden Oak Award nomination, Ontario Library Association 2016


The intriguing stories of these ships draws the reader into a wider world of international exploration, war, revolution, and scientific discovery.” – National Reading Campaign

Richardson shows a knack for including details that will fascinate middle school readers.” – Youth Services Book Review

Highly readable . . . an excellent resource . . . a solid title for any school and public library.” – CM Reviews

…contains a lot of information and could be used in a world history course to highlight the role that ships played in exploration and various other developments through the course of time.” – Resource Links

10 Plants That Shook the World. Annick, 2013

978-1-55451-445-8 hc, 978-1-55451-444-1 pb

10 plantas que cambiaron el mundo. Ediciones Siruela, 2014


Plants come into our lives in unexpected ways, even playing exciting roles in history. Discover how countries went to war over pepper, how a grass called papyrus made it possible to share knowledge through writing, and how cotton improved the livelihoods of a few, but caused unthinkable suffering for many more. Discover ten plants that are the source of profound changes in the world, both good and bad. Without them, our lives today would be vastly different.

Winner – Green Book Festival Award 2014

Winner – de Bary Children’s Science Book Award 2014

Winner – EUREKA! Nonfiction Children’s Book Awards, California Reading Association 2013

Cybils Award nomination 2014

Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist 2013

Best Books for Kids and Teens, starred selection, Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2013


An intriguing and well-designed study of the ways plants have helped start wars, cure diseases, and advance technology.” Publishers Weekly *starred review

The beautiful balance between straight expository (fact based) text, creative nonfiction, lists and artwork found in this book is rarely accomplished so well.” – River Runs Through It

Will be useful for reports and provide fun browsing and reading as well.” – School Library Journal

Readers who took these plants for granted before may well not do so anymore.” – Kirkus Reviews

Kaboom! Explosions of All Kinds. Annick, 2009

978-1-55451-204-1 hc, 978-1-55451-203-4 pb

Kaboom! examines an amazing variety of explosions and the science behind them. From the Big Bang that created the universe to the “pop” of a seedpod, from solar flares to the explosive gases lurking in a coal mine, dramatic images and highlights describe momentous blasts in history—including the infamous Halifax explosion of 1917. Explosions are all around us!

Winner – Science Communication Award, American Institute of Physics 2010

Silver Birch Award nomination, Ontario Library Association 2010

Rocky Mountain Book Award nomination 2010

Red Cedar Information Book Award nomination 2010

Best Books for Kids & Teens, Canadian Children’s Book Centre 2010


Packed with information . . . Fun for browsing.” – Booklist

Richardson’s writing style will appeal to readers. Educational and appealing. Highly recommended.” – CM Reviews

An engrossing attention-getter, effectively tapping the sensationalism of all types of blasts.” – School Library Journal

Deserves to be read for general interest as well as educative purposes; it is truly a blast.” – Resource Links

Mountain Extremes (Extreme Nature) Crabtree, 2009

Mountains have some of the most extreme weather on Earth. Discover the plants, animals and people who survive in this harsh environment.

Machu Picchu (Structural Wonders) Weigl, 2009

The ruins of Machu Picchu offer a glimpse into a rich culture of long ago. Explore its history, the people who built it and the science behind its construction.

Hiking (Outdoor Pursuits) Weigl, 2008

Hiking is a great way to explore nature and get fit. Find out about hiking skills, safe ways to hike and about exciting hiking routes around the world.

Henry Kelsey (Discovering Canada) Weigl, 2007

Discover the life and experiences of one of western Canada’s early explorers for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and the first European to see the Canadian Prairies.

Dan Gutman (My Favorite Writer) Weigl, 2006.

Get to know one of America’s popular writers of sports, humor and travel stories for kids.

Ecosystems (Science at Work/Science Q & A) Weigl, 2004, 2008

Find out how species occupy and share spaces in ways that maintain balance and biodiversity within Earth’s ecosystems

Saskatchewan (Hello Canada) Lerner, 1995

Canada’s prairie province, Saskatchewan, is more than farmland. Tour the rugged north, the big cities and meet people from many different backgrounds.

Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” Award


Ants Belong Outside Scholastic, 2007

Teresa thinks ants made great pets. All she has to do is feed them. Right?

Rag Doll Rescue Scholastic, 2007

Karin has found a new doll to love, but she thinks it belongs to someone else. What will she do?

Too Ba-a-ad! Scholastic, 2006.

A pig with wool! A sheep in mud! What’s going on in this farmyard?


A Friend for Mr. Granville Hodgepog Books, 1997

Trevor notices how Mr. Granville just sits in his chair at the senior’s home and stares out the window…until he sees a dog playing outside. Would Mr. Granville be happier if he had a dog? Trevor comes up with a plan…but not everyone agrees it will work.

Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” Award

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Scholastic, 2008

Bryce on Track. Scholastic, 2007

Bryce wishes he could keep up with his friends, and didn’t feel so tired, hungry and thirsty all the time. He isn’t sure what’s wrong, but doesn’t expect to wind up in hospital. Or to learn that he has diabetes.

The Migration of Robyn Birchwood. Nimbus, 1991

Moving from a country home in PEI to the prairie city of Regina is the last thing Robyn wants. She’s prepared to make the worst of it, until she meets a new friend who shares her love of nature.


[Richardson] excels in creating a strong sense of place. Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan are both painted in colourful, realistic and vibrant terms. The author’s own knowledge and appreciation of wildlife are strikingly evident. Her descriptions of the Island’s birds and lupines are balanced by the portrayals of prairie deer and sandhill cranes. This book should appeal especially to nature lovers.” CM Review

Beautiful story. Moving away from the familiar to the unknown is never easy. Robyn finds out that first impressions do not always give the right story. Her longing for the familiar blends well with the seasons of migrating birds. Some of the birds she recognizes were familiar already in the place she left behind.” Lisa Enqvist

One Chance to Win. Ragweed Press, 1986

The prize in a photography contest is a brand new camera—exactly what Wink wants. But how will he get the money to pay for film? A job helping at a dog kennel seems to be the answer, until an unexpected event shows Wink what is most important.

Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” Award