An Instinct for Survival: Ten Nature Adventures

Almost 30 years ago I sold my first short story called Outfoxed!” to Cricket. Since then, 8 more stories have been published in that popular US children’s magazine. One story,Winter of the Snowshoe Hare” was republished, so it actually appeared in February 1995 and again in January 2007. I’m glad many kids had a chance to read each one during its month of publication. But afterwards, did those stories get any further attention? I think they deserve a longer life, and I feel a lot more readers—young and older—would enjoy them. So I’ve decided to share them again in this ebook collection.

An Instinct for Survival: Ten Nature Adventures includes 8 of the 9 original stories, plus two more. Adding The Catch” and “Ratchet’s Peril(which were unpublished) rounded out the collection. The animals and birds featured are North American species, all of which I’ve been fortunate to have seen. The research I did into their habits and habitats uncovered the ideas for the dramatic survival moments that are the basis of each story.

“Eagle’s Trial” was inspired by an actual event I watched unfold on a mountain lake. “On Wings of Hope”, based on a peregrine falcon recovery project in the prairie city where I lived, received Honourable Mention, Children’s Literature Category, in the 1996 Saskatchewan Literary Awards competition.

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Take Me With You

I had great fun creating my first ebook, Ollie Buggins, Detective? (October, 2020), and learned so many new skills, it felt right to try another one. Take Me With You (January 2021) has a couple of tiny characters facing big challenges. It was inspired by a tiny illustration on a gift card I received years ago. The image of a hummingbird in flight carrying a mouse who dangled beneath the bird holding tight to its legs (sorry, I can’t show you due to copyright) appealed to my imagination. I stuck the card on my dressing table mirror where I saw it every day. The more I looked, the more it nagged: there had to be a story there! On and off, since 2007, I’ve been thinking, tinkering, writing and rewriting to make it work.

A gift of friendship brings unexpected rewards.

As a young hummingbird delays facing his first migration south, he comes across a timid wood mouse fleeing a gang of cats. Humm rejects Nothing’s plea to carry him away, but offers to guide the mouse overland to safety. Their unlikely friendship becomes a test of courage as they discover how to help each other. With the cats in hot pursuit, they must trust another new friend to make their final watery escape possible. Humm gains the confidence needed for his solo migration. Nothing has a safe new home. Both know they would never have made it without the other. Travel with these spirited animal characters in this chapter book adventure for ages 6-8.

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Ollie Buggins, Detective?

You may call 2020 a COVID summer, but I call it an E-book summer. From June to August, I participated via Zoom in a course of instruction on publishing and selling your own ebooks by Linda Aksomitis (fellow member of my writing group, Children’s Writers Round Robin). The result: Ollie Buggins, Detective?

In fact, it’s really a rebirth for Ollie. First published as Oliver Buggins, Investigator? in 2001 by Electric eBook Publishing, the ebook made the Short List for the 2002 Favorite e-Book for the Reader’s Choice Awards (Independent e-Book Awards). When the publisher moved into print books, Oliver was sidelined. Now revised for chapter book readers 6-8 years, Ollie Buggins, Detective? is available with updated title, cover and images.

I wanted to bring Ollie back… because reviewers took a fancy to the first edition:

This is a fun book the whole family will enjoy reading together.” Danielle Naibert, The Children Book Site

“A marvelous first chapter book …Writer Richardson has created a whole group of delightful critter characters” Molly Martin

I highly recommend this book….you won’t soon forget the Buggins family, nor their host of country friends.” Rita Hestand, Romancing the Web Reviews

You’ll enjoy the new Ollie just as much!

Olllie Buggins is part bloodhound—but is he brave like Sherlock Bones (um…Holmes)?

His boy, Harry, thinks so. At their new country home, Ollie is expected to sleep in a doghouse, even in a thunderstorm! But there are strange new smells. Spooky noises! Shadowy figures! If he can’t solve these mysteries—even with help from a pair of zany crows and a wisecracking scarecrow—will Harry think he’s a coward? Meet Ollie, the reluctant dog detective, and his animal character friends in this chapter book mystery for ages 6-8.

Ollie Buggins, Detective? is now available online at https://books2read.com/OllieBuggins